FREE Computer Basics Course Learn My Way

Learn My Way is an online and tutor supported course which you can do if you’re looking to improve  basic I.T. skills.

There are a whole range of courses that take you from basic skills such as how to use a keyboard and mouse, using the internet safely to more general things such as shopping online, using Facbook and managing your banking over the internet.

The workshop is FREE (Funded by The Tinder Foundation) for the session.  You are invited to attend each week for FREE until you complete the course.  Some learners need 4 sessions and others need 20.  The pace is up to you.

The workshop is aimed at people who are new to using the internet, any age (our oldest student is 95), jobseekers in need of help with searching for jobs, anyone who wants to refresh/reinforce knowledge.

This will be delivered by Sharon Akers, who has delivered this to many groups and individuals over the last 2 years.

If you have any further questions beforehand, please email